ABOUT US, Marcus Mommsen, video-photographer, freelance vlogger, fun film maker. Professional production management. Having specialized in bringing a new touch to Dublin City, have made some exceptional adverts for Irish companies #MaplinElectronics #Musicmaker #TPSmithsPub #HouseofColour #CycleBike. This effectively progressed the local Dublin City digital advertising signage sector, known as ( DOOH ) Digital out of home. He worked with a progressive startup called " ADStreaming MEDIA" as the head of engineering and head of ICT Director as an in house consultant.Team. Work.

We believe in offering Uncompromising Quality : As talented as me and my team are, we are best, as a team. All of our global, international crew, work together to ensure the best possible production finished product, we often split the workload of an edit, or simply give each other second opinions - we're a happy working, fun loving team

It would be fair to say we're often over editing as we love to work as perfectionists on all projects, given the budget, we are growing and often have to negotiate lower budgets to get our name out. If the product is not the very best it can be for the budget, then it's simply not good enough. Excellence is what we strive towards with every project, ensuring we reach our goals for you our clients and within our deadlines.

We believe that " Passion Always Wins"

If we didn't love what we do, we'd never be great at it. That's why everyone on our team lives and breathes video. We're a collection of film fans, photographers, and tech buffs - and we wouldn't want to be doing anything else!

VOICE BRAND - VOICE TONE - We tell you Story in your video

Video content without a story is just moving pictures. Luckily, we love telling stories, and we have several ways to do it. With animation, text, voice overs, and plenty of other narrative tools at our disposal, it ensures that we can create a unique and compelling story for each project.

WE love to Be Clear

You could have the most visually compelling, appealing video in the world. You could have the world's greatest back story to tell. But none of it would matter if your message gets lost, we call this "noise" . Our priority is to drive home your message to the targeted demographic and show everyone what you want to say, clearly and concisely.

Being Fearless Drives Me Daily

He who dares, wins, a great man once said. I sincerely pride myself in thinking outside of the box, for you he client as much as possible. We don't want to make content that's already been done, and neither do you. So let us add our own spark of innovation to your project!

That's really all it comes down to, isn't it " TRUTH"  We build relationships, we connect, and we do it very well. For whatever purpose you may need us for, just get in touch with us today, and we'll do what we do best always

Marcus Mommsen

0838 239 007